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SpirOps is an independent Artificial Intelligence lab since 2004. It's a unique model that combines the freedom of research subjects (whether applied or fundamental) with industrial development for application purposes with partners such as Stellantis, SNCF, IRT Railenium, Alstom, Bosch, Thales, Small Creative...


Since 2007, SpirOps has been developing a crowd simulator in which each agent has his or her own desires, personal characteristics and subjective knowledge of the world.

The agents evolve in automatically-generated cities, on public transport, in tourist attractions or in offices.


Since 2015, SpirOps has been working for Stellantis on the development of Level 3 and 4 autonomous car prototypes.

This includes data acquisition and fusion, intelligent and explainable decision-making, simulation of complex behaviors... to offer the safest and most comfortable driving possible.


Since 2009, SpirOps has been developing a procedural animation engine in which movements are generated in real time, according to a set of physical rules.

This creates realistic animations that can automatically adapt to a wide variety of humanoid skeletons (video games, VR, etc.).


Part of SpirOps R&D is dedicated to the development of an artificial memory. This can be incorporated into a simulated agent, enabling it to acquire information in real time, link it to older knowledge, generate inferences and thus have its own representation of the world.

This knowledge is used to make decisions, or to interact with other agents or an external user.


SpirOps is participating in the Autonomous Train Passenger Service project, launched in 2018 by SNCF Réseau and the technological research institute Railenium in consortium with Alstom, Bosch and Thales.

SpirOps manages decision-making when obstacles are detected.


Since 2004, SpirOps has been developing its own data- and energy-efficient tools (C++, symbolic AI: explainable decisions requiring no training data, algorithmic optimization for real-time...).

SpirOps has also patented an artificial intelligence technology enabling complex behaviors to emerge from a multitude of simple rules.