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SpirOps AI is a graphical SDK which adds Behavioral Artificial Intelligence to industrial simulations and video games.

SpirOps AI is a behavior production tool, designed to help producing behaviors for virtual creatures, cameras, dynamical music or physical character animations.

SpirOps AI is cross-platform and cross-user. Engineers and Designers can easily use the SpirOps AI ToolKit.

SpirOps AI uses a new approach of the Artificial Intelligence (patented with an international patent). This approach drastically enhances the A.I. capabilities in simulations and video games.

With SpirOps AI, create simple or complex behaviors, according to your application needs. It integrates several artificial intelligence features: from adaptation to learning. It has been optimized to run on every computer (mobile, consoles, computers).

The SpirOps AI technology is based on a new paradigm called "Drive Oriented". The Drive Oriented TM paradigm is a revolutionary and unprecedented way of modeling Artificial Intelligence. While previous technologies such as Finite State Machine aimed at allowing a Brain to change from a Status to another, SpirOps AI allows brains to be in a permanent status assembled with many Drives.

The main advantage of this new technology is that Non Player Characters can follow and associate multiple objectives and behaviors, while Finite State Machines and Decision Trees models cannot authorize such intelligent and life-like behaviors.
Beside this Drive Oriented TM technology allows SpirOps users to conceive Brains running on a huge number of drives at the same time, without generating the conception and tuning complexity of usual AI models.

Drive Oriented TM is a worldwide patented technology that can be used and implemented in many fields of the industry: Videogame, Simulation, Robotics, Training, etc.

For further information on Drive Oriented TM technology, please Contact us.

SpirOps is a visual editor, accessible to the whole production team, from the designers to the coders. It is following the team all along the production.
SpirOps uses an incremental design method. You can build new behaviors based on previous ones. You can easily add features to your existing behaviors.
With SpirOps, designers save coders time, and express their ideas themselves.
SpirOps library is easily plugged into any application, requiring only a few functions to be coded.

SpirOps Editor generates a fully optimized C++ code, which integrates directly into your game.
SpirOps library and generated behaviors serve your application. Call them and stop them whenever you need.
SpirOps library integrates several optimizations that make it the fastest behavior engine.

SpirOps helps you formalize the behaviors you want. It integrates some advanced A.I. features such as:

    Your behavior is consistent with the personality and the emotions of your character.
    Your behavior modifies itself to fit better.
    Your behavior acquires memories of events/facts, and uses them to think better.

Primary Support gives you access to a private forum, where the technical team answers any of your questions.
With the Partner Support option, you gain access to the source, and our team helps you create the best A.I. for your application.
Moreover, SpirOps provides full services:

  • Integrating SpirOps into your production tools.
  • Full A.I. design.
  • Specific developments to fit your needs.

A.I. Visual Editor. Brain Files saved as XML Format. Brain Generated in C++ Optimized Code.
The Visual Editor is remoted by a TCP/IP connection. It logs all the brains think cycles.
The connections between the game engine and brains are written in C++ Code in a simple build-in editor.
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