SpirOps is a Private Scientific Research Lab focused on Artificial Intelligence issues.

SpirOps' team developped a patented Artificial Intelligence design paradigm called "Drive Oriented TM" that:
  • cleverly mimics the decision making process of human beings.
  • allows to create behaviours incrementally.
  • helps to keep a linear complexity along the creation process.
SpirOps also developped the first graphical editor for Artificial Intelligence behaviours, and some other tools to help you to simulate any number of choice making agents. SpirOps is willing to provide its tools and skills to help you in your ambitious projects of autonomous cars, simulations, robotics or video games. AUTONOMOUS CARS
  • Human-Like behaviors.
  • Full Autonomous Highways.
  • SpirOps PathGenerator will automatically generate navigation informations from your 3D mesh.
  • SpirOps Editor will help you to make your agents alive.
  • SpirOps Crowd will take care of pathfind, avoidance and natural trajectories for you.
  • Tag your 3D mesh right from your 3D software to ease the perceptions of the environnment.
  • Decision making is the core feature for an autonomous robot.
  • Deep Memory features.
  • Take a look at our researches on Procedural Animation, Emotions and Memory/Oblivion mechanism.

Our ultimate goal is to allow video games and simulations development teams to enter what we call "the Living Game era".

SpirOps is Hiring !